John William "Billy" Richardson
Born:05/25/1859 Died: 07/10/1945

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Married to:Tempy Jane Gatewood
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Notes: April 1990

Dear Judy,

I am sorry I have delayed answering your letter so long. I have had my wife in hospital for about two years and she was very sick and passed away on the tenth of this month.

Re ancestory my father your Grandfather was of Scottish and Irish blood, and the name came from the trade in which his family was trained in wheelwright. My father your Grandfather was Thomas Green Wright, his father was Robert Matthew Wright, who was a son of Hinson Wright. We believe Hinson Wright was a son of William Wright.

Grandfather Wright, Matthew Wright, and Grandfather Billy Richardson were cutting timber and a tree fell against a dead chestnut tree breaking a limb off with a part of the body of the dead chestnut that fell on my Grandfather Wright killing him but Grandfather Richardson was not hurt.

I am sending copy of some information I received several years ago, which may shed some light on the family.

Your two Great Grandfathers owned a large piece of land in Patrick County Va near Stuart and seemed to have worked together and Grandmother Leathie, your Great Grandmother lived in a small house which was in sight of the house Grandfather Richardson lived in prior to moving to North Carolina, and Grandfather Richardson looked after her until she died some time about 1906.

I hope this is the information you wanted.


CP Pierce Wright (Brother of Alice Wright)

(“Grandmother Leathie” was Aleathie ? the wife of Matthew Wright)

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